College Path Consultants, LLC, is publisher of Diversity Leadership Project: A Student Journal of Diversity and Respect. Our college planning students are empowered to advocate for diversity in their communities while enhancing their college admission and scholarship opportunities. 

We help families navigate the confusing and stressful college planning process with a full complement of services tailored to your student’s needs. We identify student’s strengths and interests and empower them to discover their learning styles, interests, and passions as they explore college opportunities. 


College Essay Assistance

A meaningful personal essay is the one component of a well-executed application that is likely to get a student noticed — and subsequently accepted — by a college. We examine each student’s strengths, and provide the tools and confidence necessary to discover their own “voice.”

For our college planning students, we offer publication in Diversity Leadership Project: The Student Journal of Diversity and Respect. Writing meaningful essays around diversity and respect, creating meaningful projects around social equity, or building clubs at high schools is a game-changer in college admissions and begins a life-long electronic presence. We can also work with students interested in this journal outside of the College Essay coursework.


Scholarships and Financial Aid

For many parents, the most stressful part of college planning is figuring out how you will pay for it. Our college planning experts offer a number of resources for finding scholarships and financial aid. This includes guidance on completing the FAFSA, as well as working with your tax and investment professionals to minimize the financial strain of putting your child through college. We work closely with each student to formulate a strategy and execute a plan designed to secure more scholarship money for college. Our hope is to make college an attainable goal for every family utilizing our “No Loan Approach.”

Comparing Offers and Decision Making

We help each student compile a list of colleges meeting their academic, social, and financial needs. Your student will leave our consultation with a few colleges where there is a strong likelihood of acceptance, a few where the criteria are met but acceptance is not assured, and if requested, one or two which will constitute an academic reach.

Comprehensive College Planning

Our  comprehensive college planning package, including 24 hours of one-on-one attention and editing is $2,995.   

Consulting hours may also include:

     -Complete biographical statement and resume help

     -Assistance with a personal statement or other items requested by colleges

     -Publication in Diversity Leadership Project: The Student Journal of Diversity and Respect

Other uses for these hours could include:

     -Project management for special interest and passion projects

     -Involvement in high-profile diversity-related activities

Please note: An interview with parent is required before execution of Consulting Agreement and Intake Form.