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Scholarship – Diversity Leadership Project



Diversity Leadership Project  Scholarship


Deadline:  November 1 

Amount:  One $1,000 scholarship awarded for the best essay

Diversity Leadership ProjectDescription:  Diversity Leadership Project is a national organization dedicated to bringing the voices of high school students to the forefront on issues of diversity, racism, and inclusion, as well as other related issues teens face today. Our blog offers a place where the most forward-thinking students from across the nation can participate in conversations about these topics.  

Our scholarship is about much more than the $1,000 awarded to the best essay. The finalists receive publication on our blog, and their voices will be heard by peers from across the country. Not only do our scholarship finalists participate in the conversation, they start the discussion with their own ideas and based on their own experiences.

When applying for universities, the admissions officers see this type of activity as something that sets you apart from your peers. When you’re fighting for a spot at a top school and everyone has excellent test scores and grade point averages, this can make the difference.

Most competitive universities already have diversity and inclusion programs in place, and this is also a growing trend. In today’s college climate, it is key that students are not only exposed to other cultures but have developed a sense of understanding and empathy by getting to know those who are unlike them and finding common ground.

This is what we seek to do in our Diversity Leadership Project, and why we encourage all students to venture outside of their comfort zone and meet peers who have different life experiences and points of view to share.

This scholarship assists students who also believe in diversity education in achieving their fullest potential by providing a $1,000 scholarship to be applied to their college education or other academic pursuits.


 -At the time of applying, applicants must be high school juniors.  

-There are no minimum ACT/SAT or GPA requirements

-Open to high school students nationwide


The Essay:

Applicants must submit a 500-1,000 word essay on one of the following topics:

-How would you help your peers experience learn more about one another?

-How do you contribute to diversity and inclusion at your school or in another group?

-How have your personal experiences affected your understanding of diversity?

Essays will be judged based on understanding of the concept, creativity, clarity of thought, grammar and spelling. The finalists may be published on the Diversity Leadership Project blog, and one student will receive the $1,000 scholarship. Winners will be announced by March 1 of a student’s senior year.



For more information, contact