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Resources – Diversity Leadership Project




How We Communicate

Diversity Leadership Project students communicate through Slack, a popular messaging app platform (similar to GroupMe), a specialized social network for communication between students, clubs, and faculty advisors. Slack is used by many major corporations and institutions, most notably the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Mars Rover Team.

Students participate in multiple channels:

  • General channel for members to post their thoughts, videos, and links
  •  Club channel for each chartered club to post activities, promote events
  • College Path channel is an archive of college planning tools, scholarship opportunities, and important deadlines as well as a repository of college planning articles and blogs
  • Graduation year channel which gives grade-appropriate college planning advice and deadlines
  • Music channel when DLP members post their favorite music videos and discuss music with other members
  • Faculty Advisors also have their own channel where they can share “best practices” in working with their clubs
  • Franklin HS Baccalaureate channel and Franklin Baccalaureate Parents channel.