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Parents – Diversity Leadership Project



From a parent's perspective, Diversity Leadership Project offers their student a huge edge when it comes to college admissions, even among the most competitive colleges in the country.

The program's scholarship awards are also a big plus. But perhaps the most important advantage participation in this project offers is the life skills themselves.

The content and purpose are strategic and aim to build student knowledge around:

  • conflict resolution
  • social equity
  • diversity and multiculturalism
  • pro-social attitudes and beliefs toward all members of the school community that build critical conflict resolution skills

It also gives these students a place to practice their new skills, and put into action, creating create a safe space for students to build relationships with others from different cultures and backgrounds.

All parents hope their children grow up to be well-rounded, compassionate, well-spoken adults. Diversity Leadership Project can play a key role in reinforcing life-long communications and conflict resolution skills.