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Got Consent? – Diversity Leadership Project


Got Consent?


My name is Julia Cook, and I am a senior at Franklin High School in Franklin, Tennessee. I am asking all high school students in the Williamson County community to sign the Got Consent? pledge.

Together, we can create an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable.

The mission of Got Consent? is to reduce the prevalence of personal violence and sexual assault among high school students. We hope to bring this issue to the forefront, make it easier for us to discuss with each other, and provide nonjudgmental support, education, and accountability to our peers.

Non-consensual sex is sexual assault.

Got Consent? aims to raise awareness about sexual assault among high school students in Williamson County and beyond. All too often, teens – both male and female – are victims of violent personal crimes. And many never report the experience or seek support to help them heal.

Step up and realize that the solution starts with us.

The goal of this initiative is to ensure every teen has the tools to speak out if they encounter sexual assault, whether as a victim or a witness. Our Got Consent? campaign includes education and awareness, a phone app called Circle of 6, as well as a student pledge modeled after the pledge the University of Virginia offers in their campus-wide sexual assault awareness program.

Why is Got Consent? Important

While all colleges address this serious problem in their own way, sexual assault and other personal crimes may not be fully addressed in middle and high schools. As a result, many students are unclear about appropriate sexual boundaries, the legal definition of this type of assault, and where to turn for support.  And besides, colleges want to see that you are mature enough to become a part of their campus community.

I believe this initiative can measurably increase awareness of sexual assault among teens in our community, and reduce the dangers high school students in our community face, including sexual violence, dating violence, stalking, and bullying.

Get the Circle of 6 Phone App-Free

Central to our Got Consent? campaign is the free Circle of 6 phone app.

Circle of 6 is a free app for iOS and Android devices that lets you build a circle of six friends or trusted people to quickly call on when you're in danger and need help, in a bad situation with someone else, or need to reach the authorities. With one touch, the app pings your trusted friends or emergency services with your request for help, along with your current location so they can find you.  You can download it for free.

Sign the Pledge

Signing the Got Consent? pledge shows your friends, your community, and your potential college that you understand the significance of your commitment. Please take the pledge and add your name to other students across Williamson County who want to end sexual violence.

Williamson County, Tennessee Resources

Bridges Domestic Violence Center in Franklin 

Bridges Domestic Violence Center serves women, men, and their children affected by domestic violence, ensuring a safe transition to successful independent living through education, intervention, and case management.

The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network  is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. RAINN created and operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline (800.656.HOPE, y in partnership with more than 1,000 local sexual assault service providers across the country.

Circle of 6 is a free phone app that keeps your friends close when you may need them the most.  





The Got Consent? pledge was developed with resources from NoMore.Org, Carleton College’s Gender and Sexuality Center, Marquette University’s Counseling Center, and Special thanks to the University of Virginia for their Not on Our Grounds program and its dedication to preventing sexual assault among college students.

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