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GoFundMe – Diversity Leadership Project




Jordan Elementary School


                                                                                        We did it!  

In an historic move, the Williamson County School School Board voted to name the new elementary school in Brentwood "Jordan Elementary."

                                                                 Now our job of educating the public begins. 


W e have received a great amount of media attention and the WCS School Board listened to our voices as we collaborated with leaders of the African American Community in Williamson County (including a direct descendant of George Jordan) to sway the school board vote.  You can see our presentation to the school board via Youtube here (starting at 20:46).

WCS students in Diversity Leadership Project partnered with leaders of the African American community to affect change and bring greater diversity to  Williamson County.

Quite simply, we made history...together.

                                                                                          Our Mission Now

Our job is now to educate the public about who Sgt. Jordan was and why he is important to Williamson County. 

My name is Sophie Lindley, and I am the president of Diversity Leadership Project at Summit High School in Williamson County, TN. 

Some of my fellow club members at Brentwood High School launched a petition to name the new elementary school on Split Log Road in Brentwood after Sergeant George Jordan and the WCS School Board heard our requests.   

Our charter at Summit High School is raising money for a traveling exhibit to educate the public about Sgt. Jordan. 

We are raising $2,100 to create a travelling exhibit to inform the public about Sgt. Jordan's story and then donate that exhibit to the new Jordan Elementary School. 

Sgt. Jordan was born into slavery, and served as a Buffalo Soldier in the U.S. Army. He is Williamson County's first and only recipient of America's highest military decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his actions in the Indian Wars. 

The Summit High School chapter of Diversity Leadership Project is raising funds in conjunction with this effort to fund the writing, design,  and printing of a travelling exhibit  to inform students and other visitors to this school about the incredible and inspiring life of Sgt. Jordan, whose legacy has almost been lost to time. 

We hope the exhibit will become a part of Jordan Elementary's  legacy and all graphics and rights will be transferred to WCS and Jordan Elementary when the school opens. 

His story needs to be told, especially for those students who attend a school named in his honor. 

This movement is student-led and student-inspired.  

Please visit the website for more information and please support our cause.

Thank you,

Sophie Lindley
President, Diversity Leadership Project
Summit High School